Quinn Hunchar Is Defining Mel!


We haven’t heard much on this new up and coming soon TV Series called “Defining Mel”. Im not sure at this time on the air/release dates. All i know that is, Quinn has the lead playing the roll of Melissa ‘MEL’ Richards, and we have some really good talent among the cast. Theres not much info at IMDB as yet. So i’ll do my best to keep everyone up to date.
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Defining Mel 2013 – 2014 TV Series


Plot Summary for Defining Mel (2013 – 2014)


Defining Mel (2013 – 2014) Preview


Defining Mel (2013 – 2014)

Writers: ?.
Stars: Quinn Hunchar, Cat Lee McGowan, Zack Bennett. Full cast and crew for A Heart’s Chance

FYI: Quinn Hunchar Stars As (Melissa ‘MEL’ Richards)

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Happy 12th Birthday Quinn Hunchar

Quinnhunchar.com would like to wish Quinn Hunchar a great big Happy Birthday and a we hope you got lots of Presents!. This year we didnt do the happy birthday graphics page, very sorry about this. We were more hoping to have Quinn’s site updated with a new look and colors, but that didnt happen as yet :(
But today i had some free time and thought the best i could do was create a Birthday Video for Quinn, 14 hours strait to create this video, i did the best i could with choosing of many MP3’s, Screencaps, Sounds, Mixing of Songs, Pictures, Effects and being creative is what i do best. I hope you all enjoy, i REALLY hope Quinn likes my Video!


You Can Watch Quinns Birthday Video HERE: Quinn’s Birthday Video

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I am currently in the middle of updating Quinns Website. Going to give the site a new look, adding a Quinn Hunchar forum with arcade games, a place to talk about Quinn, and lots of fun stuff. So the Site at the moment is under maintenance.


Uncle Jack 2010


Plot Summary for Uncle Jack (2010)

Get ready for a wild ride with UNCLE JACK in this nocturnal odyssey of a desperate fugitive. A mad clown, magic pills, a bedtime story and more add up for a fast-paced, riotous adventure. Cheer for a troubled character with a big heart in this short film shot in Denver, Colorado entirely and commissioned by Pentax Cameras. Written by Pentax Cameras.

Uncle Jack (2010) Movie (Short)

Uncle Jack (2010)

Director: Jamin Winans.
Writers: Jamin Winans.
Stars: Quinn Hunchar, Christopher Soren Kelly, Jeremy Make. Full cast and crew for Uncle Jack

FYI: Quinn Hunchar Stars As (The Niece)

Movie Review By: j wheeler

I do not respond it many videos. Mainly because i am lazy, and I very rarely respond in kind. But this had my whole family watching and we all have to say it was not just simply awesome. It was touching and hypnotic. Excellent work.

Check out 3 Images of Quinn Hunchar In Uncle Jack:

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Welcome to A Star Is Born. Quinn Hunchar is a great new actress. Her first major role was as Emma in the movie Ink(2009) and as Lea in A Heart's Chance(2009)